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Best Coaching Institute for IIT JEE Engineering and Medical

SOUTHERN KOTA has been established in Chennai as a premium education institute to foster a keen, concept based learning environment for Engineering and Medical examinations, by bringing the best of Kota’s experience, research and deep understanding of the industry and examination trends to this city. We are positioned as one of the best coaching institute for IIT JEE and medical in KOTA, India.

Our endeavor to build a top coaching institute from the ground up has fueled us to bring in experts from around the country (Notably, our education capital KOTA) and help design the best curriculum, course structure, pedagogy and learning environment for the students to deliver the best in medical and engineering coaching in KOTA. Our Coaching Programs and Courses are designed by The Best Minds of Kota, ensuring three-pronged efforts to boost students to reach their utmost potential and results.

Why Choose Southern Kota?

We believe in optimal & balanced IQ-EQ development to equip students to ace not just the competitive examinations, but all stages of preparation to further their academic career. Our counseling & yoga sessions hone their minds and build strength and endurance to take on the highly stressful & competitive Engineering & Medical examinations. Additionally, we provide regular mentorship from KOTA experts on test-taking, time management and stress management skills. This makes us one of the best coaching institute for iit jee engineering and medical in KOTA.

Academic Material

Well-researched , balanced and latest Study Material (Dynamic + Static Concepts) from Kota, Daily Practice Problem Saheets (Including Ongoing & Recent topics) and Periodic Test Series (Pattern & trend based)

Teaching Methodology

Teaching Plan & Academic Calendar involves optimal study of each topic, problem solving & doubt-clearing sessions and regular monitoring of each student’s progress by the respective Faculty.

Teachers & Mentors

Southern Kota provides regular mentorship from KOTA experts on test-taking, time management and stress management skills.


Our Success Mantra

Professionally planned and exam-driven academic calendar.

Academic material, test series, teaching plan and methodology from education capital : KOTA.

Importing the best minds & faculty from Kota.

Expert, but easy teaching. Focus on progress based study.

Focus on learning, self-study and mindfulness.

Our Mission & Vision : The Infinity ∞ and Phi ψ

Keys That Makes Us One of The Best Coaching Institute for IIT JEE and Medical

Southern Kota aims to be the preferred education partner and destination for Medical and Engineering aspirants – by providing equal opportunity to every student to leverage the best resources of the country under one roof in commencing their academic career.


Southern Kota’s ambition is to nurture enterprising and passionate future leaders, well-rounded in their academic and intuitive strengths, with an aspiring outlook in their career. We are relentless in improving our systems and processes to deliver excellence.